Vilcabamba - Ecuador - Properties - Real Estate - $100K to $150K

Please find below, brief summaries of all Vilcabamba properties currently available with list-prices of between $100,000 & $150,000 USD (in ascending price order). To view photos and a detailed property description, simply click on the link or the image. 🙂

P-0014 - $110,000 - Quinara (20kms from Vilcabamba) - Stunning, all useable one hectare (10,000m2) farmable land, replete with small functional house (1 bed, 1 bath) & outdoor cook-area, pizza-oven & kitchen.

P-0005 - Malacatos/Vilcabamba Ridge - $139,000 - Stunning 2,000m2 land (half an acre), on private gated larger property, with a gorgeous 70% completed 280m2 home in an ecological paradise, with stunning views over the Malacatos valley.