Vilcabamba - Ecuador - Properties - Real Estate - $100K to $150K

Please find below, brief summaries of all Vilcabamba properties currently available with list-prices of between $100,000 & $150,000 USD (in ascending price order). To view photos and a detailed property description, simply click on the link or the image. 🙂

P-0014 - $110,000 - Quinara (20kms from Vilcabamba) - Stunning, all useable one hectare (10,000m2) farmable land, replete with small functional house (1 bed, 1 bath) & outdoor cook-area, pizza-oven & kitchen.

P-0005 - Malacatos/Vilcabamba Ridge - $139,000 - Stunning 2,000m2 land (half an acre), on private gated larger property, with a gorgeous 70% completed 280m2 home in an ecological paradise, with stunning views over the Malacatos valley.

P-0030 - Vilcabamba/Malacatos - 2,000m2 - $145,000 - Home & Gardens - A Stunning Artist's Residence. Nestled in about half an acre of lovingly tended completely organic gardens and natural beauty, lies an exquisite artist's residence ... that has to be seen in person to be believed!

P-0010 - $149,000 - Border-ridge of Vilcabamba/Malacatos - 5,000m2 (1.25 acres) with approx 210m2 home. Fabulous vistas and landscaping throughout. Turnkey residence.