Property P0040 - Sacapo, San Pedro - $139,000.
Finish this 400m2 Build as You Wish.
A Gorgeous Large Home? An Investment Property?
An AirBnB Business? A Hostel?
Or some other mixed-purpose project?
A Unique Opportunity at a Fire-Sale Price.

Check out our in-depth video below all the following listing information!

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!! FIRESALE !! - Unfinished Project - Sacapo (in San Pedro de Vilcabamba) - Creekside - About 70% Complete - About 10 mins drive from downtown Vilcabamba.

Originally it took me some time to write the property-description for this listing ... but ultimately I pared it right back to the basics ... and decided to keep it short.

The reason for this is that you really have to walk through this property and see both what it is and where it is located ... to properly understand the kind of potential it has. For this reason we have put together a seriously in-depth property video of 14 minutes (see below).

The land-area is 1,100m2 (just over 1/4 acre) with a 400m2 home across THREE levels ... in traditional 40cm thick tapia (rammed earth) walls.

Originally this house was a two-storey rammed earth home. The conversion involved pulling off the old roof, going up some distance to provide for the third-level (a steel beamed attic-storey which now runs lengthways along the centre of the home) ... and then installing the modern steel-beamed and tiled roof.

The backstory here is the client changed their plans in Ecuador - accordingly the new owner can now custom-finish this unique opportunity as they wish ... for their own purposes.

The home is essentially at an ideal stage for finishing to the new owner's tastes ... power is in (the property is wired), a new septic-tank is also in place, along with a new retaining wall on the creek side of the home.

Any layout changes can be discussed/made, and the aesthetics, regarding superficial cleanup and plastering/finishing of the walls etc, and kitchen, bedroom and bathroom fit-outs can be planned and quickly actioned to the new owner's tastes.

It is worth noting that this property is essentially selling below-cost, of what would be required now to purchase this land in a location like this and build something like this from scratch (not that anyone even builds in this traditional - rammed earth - style anymore). This tapia build, with 40cm thick walls keeps this property cool when it's warm outside, and warmer if it gets cooler out. There is simply no better insulative building material/style (for sound, temperature, etc).

The potential this build now has ... is pretty much limited only by the new owner's imagination ... and to think you could potentially buy and finish this project for under $200K total ... is quite amazing. Believe you me ... this is a WHOLE lot of house for that kind of money!

1. It could be a STUNNING private home.

2. It could be two killer rental apartments.

3. It could be two upper floors of private home ... plus business rentals on the ground floor.

4. Or a rental home ... plus business rentals on the ground floor.

5. Or it could be converted/re-purposed for AirBnB accommodations.

6. Or it could bought, finished and on-sold.

7. Otherwise, it is an idea place/project to park some lazy or otherwise stagnant funds and create something of real value and purpose ... while a certain fiat currency is still functional and worth something.

The choices are real ... and will very much depend on whatever the new owner might have in mind.

We know the property intimately, and are more than happy to walk through and consult with any potential buyer in respect of what's possible, and what ball-park finishing costs might be ... depending on how they might like to finish their new project.

The main swimming area of the pristine Rio Uchima is only a short walk or a minute or two by car from the home (which you will see in the video).

There is ample space on either side of the property for parking or gardens or additional outbuildings ... as desired.

It is a friendly and secure neighbourhood ... Sacapo is fast becoming one of the more desired locations very near Vilcabamba.

This property is priced for a quick sale ... please enjoy the below video.

If you have questions, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

Check out the 30 second "drone-short" video below.

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