Yangana - Property P0041 - $105,000.
14 kms on the highway from downtown Vilcabamba ...
a truly idyllic 2.8 hectares (approx 7 acres) with mature
fruit forest & year-round water running through it.

If you have questions about this property, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

About 14 minutes drive (14 kms) on the highway, south of Vilcabamba, about 6 kms from the township of Yangana, lies this idyllic little valley property, replete with a mature fruit-forest irrigated by year-round water (creek).

This property is gorgeous, and is remarkably sheltered from both highway noise and wind. We shot this video at the height of dry season (during the windy part!), and the difference whilst walking through the fruit-forest and along the creek ... compared to what we felt once climbing back to highway level ... was striking. It is a seriously protected space, which is clearly visible in the quality of agriculture it offers.

Equally, if you are an animal lover, you could easily home a large variety of livestock on this property. Whether your thing is horses, goats or alpacas ... they will all be very happy, creek-side, on this beautiful piece of land.

For those who don't know, 2.8 hectares (or 7 acres) ... is a serious chunk of real-estate ... and there are plenty of places around this property to situate oneself ... depending on the type of project you might have in mind.

With increasing numbers of people eyeing a "Plan B" option for sustainable off-grid type living, if that's your thing, this property is certainly worth your taking a look at.

Check out the photo slideshow and property video tour below ... and you will see what I mean.

If you have questions, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

Check out the video-tour below!

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