P0043 - Mollepamba - One Hectare (2.5 acres) - $105,000.
3 kms from downtown Vilcabamba - multiple levels.
Outstanding views over Vilcabamba township and to Mandango.

If you have questions about this property, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

About 3 kms from the township of Vilcabamba, up the Mollepamba road, is this classic view-property, with great access and a perfect building-platform on which to situate your dream-home.

The main selling points of this property are its convenience in terms of access to downtown Vilcabamba (whilst also being far enough away to be private), the jaw-dropping views across the valley to the sacred mountain of Mandango (the valley's guardian), and the fact all primary services are easily accessible (power, water, and fiber-optic internet).

There is plenty of space to terrace areas of this property with fruit trees and whatever other botanicals you'd like ... as well as for any animals you might choose to have.

Your nearby neighbours include Piedra Dura (a fabulous spa, pool, and steam facility replete with restaurant/bar) ... and the now infamous El Mexicano, Mexican restaurant.

If you have questions, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

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