Property P0035 - $220,000
42 Hectares of Natural Majestic Beauty
High Above Vilcabamba
3 Structures, Waterfall & Spring Water
Ideal Eco-Tourism-Retreat
(see also its "partner-property")
Photos & Video Below


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing ... there is a field.
I'll meet you there."

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Sitting high up above the Vilcabamba valley, at an altitude of between 1,800m & 2,200m (5,900ft -  7,200ft) ... nestled against the famous Podocarpus National Park ... sits a very special ranch (or "finca" as it's known here).

This 42 hectare (103 acre) property can only really be described as majestic. Rolling green valleys become vibrant hills, with pristine waterfalls coming down from further on-high ... from their national-park source. This place is bursting with life.

As a realtor, it is difficult if not impossible to describe or do justice to this kind of environment with photos or words, or even video. It is simply one of those places where nature has seen the bare minimum of human intervention ... for thousands of years really. And you can feel it. In fact, you have to. There is no substitute for the journey, and the experience of spending some time, on a property such as this.

The sense of peace ... mingling with the rawness of nature, the beauty of the vista, the pureness of the water, the freshness of the air and the magic of the mists ... all combine to instill a deep and abiding sense of calm and "other-worldliness."

In this kingdom of clouds, sun, mists, rainbows and shifting light, you are indeed a long way away from the "troubles of the world." You are without question, far from the madding crowd.

It is approximately a 90 minute hike from the bottom of the valley in Yamburara Alto (where the "partner property" of this one is located - please take a look to understand the potential for a discounted combination price, should both properties be purchased simultaneously). If you are a horse-person, this journey shortens to an easy hour.

Property Details / Existing Amenities

There are three separate functional habitations in this kingdom, and the property's functionality has been added to slowly but surely over the years. The main cabin is adobe/wood, and has a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with hot water on demand (by way of cylinders of LPG) . The second cabin is a short walk from the main home, and is similarly equipped. Additionally, there is a more "rustic" structure, which can be used for sheltering guests on overnight hikes, camping or similar. Interested parties should be aware there is currently no internet or electricity on this property, but that the overall facility could easily and quickly be upgraded with a solar-panel-system, were that to be desired by the new owner. In such a scenario, decent internet would be available by way of the "radio" wireless "line of sight" system usually used here for more remote mountainous locations, by companies like Vilcanet. Satellite internet would also be a possibility, if desired. Having said all that however, good cell-phone connections are also available here via either Claro or Movistar ... by which one can also receive good internet.

If you have questions, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.