Property P0034 - $385,000
Sustainable Turnkey Paradise
Limited Edition / Unlimited Potential
Vilcabamba Mountain Retreat - 1.4 hectares
3 Homes - All Amenities - Abundant Natural Water
You Simply Will Not Find Anything Like This Anymore

If you have questions, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

This incredible 1.4 hectare (almost 3.5 acres) mountain retreat is tucked in above the legendary Charlie's Cabins in Vilcabamba ... above Yamburara Alto. If you are perhaps planning to "run for the hills" ... to ride out what's coming ... you might as well do it in an irreplaceable (and very private) slice of paradise, am I right?

This is one of two properties for sale by the same vendor ... for family reasons he is leaving Ecuador, a place he has had a semi-permanent footprint for about 30 years. His other property is higher up on the mountain (accessible by horse or hiking trail from this property), abuts the Podocarpus National Park, and comprises 42 hectares (over 100 acres) with cabins, a waterfall, two springs, and unparalleled views over Vilcabamba and the surrounding mountains. It is "standalone priced" at $220,000 ... click here to view that listing.

These two properties are for sale separately ... but preferably together for a discounted "combo-price" - in pursuit of a quick sale of both properties at once. A simultaneous sale will make the vendor's life significantly easier ... and if taking both of these amazing properties appeals to the buyer, a generous discount will be on the table.

Before I detail the property-specifics, I'd like to add that I have known this vendor for nearly my entire time here in Vilcabamba, and count him as a close personal friend. I will be sad to see him leave this valley. Whoever secures this property should know they are taking over something really very special.

Furthermore, I have to emphasise that in 14 plus years of doing real-estate here, I can honestly say that each of these properties are unique in their own right. And ... situated and "connected" as they are (more info below) ... they provide (either separately or together) a completely one-off opportunity ... for anyone who wants to kiss the Matrix goodbye, and jump into this kind of saddle here in beautiful Vilcabamba.

Rio Yambala "Quinta." - Property Specifications & Helpful Info

The property is about 1.4 hectares (almost 3.5 acres). Situated on a mountainside with extremely fertile soil, it has a private 1.5 inch (potable) water-pipe coming in from high up at its river-source, and there are three existing structures for habitation (with plenty of room for more, should the new owner desire to expand their income-generating and/or accommodation facilities). It is about a 15 minute riverside drive from downtown Vilcabamba.

The vendor, who after 30 years here, is very experienced in the ways of the valley ... has put in an extraordinary amount of solid infrastructural work to get this property to its current level ... as well as with all aspects agricultural. Accordingly, currently on this property you will find a huge variety of mature fruits and vegetables.

Fruits:  Bananas, Coffee, Cacao, Guayaba, Oranges, Guanabana, Mandarins, Avocados, Grapefruit, Sapote, Lemon (both sweet and conventional), Cidra, Papaya, etc.

Vegetables: Many varieties of Greens, Beans, Carrots, Yuca, Corn (Maize), etc ... pretty much all useful things will grow here.

Amenities: Vehicle Access, Electricity, Fast Fiber-Optic Internet, Good cell connections (Movistar & Claro), Private/Secure Setting, Great Neighbours, Short walk to the river.

Infrastructure: Two separate large septic tanks (for black and gray water respectively). Stabilised road access with good drainage.

Natural Water: Apart from the potable water river-sourced-pipe, there are two separate springs on the property, one of which remains untapped, simply because it is not currently needed.

Main House (up top): The main house is a two-storey structure of approximately 370m2 build footprint. The top floor is currently mostly built out to comprise kitchen, bathroom, one double bedroom, and a huge balcony with water fountain. There is additional space at rear to build out more habitational space (or alternatively a rentable apartment). The ground floor remains ready for building out two more rentable apartments (or alternatively, one larger rentable space - whatever the new owner prefers). Up behind this main residence is an additional forested area ... which could be further developed, or perhaps be utilised for livestock moving forward.

Middle Habitation: Bedroom, Bathroom, Laundry - rents at approximately $250/mth - this facility could easily and quickly be upgraded to improve potential rental income.

Lower Habitation: Essentially a caretaker-style "rustic" habitation, this has also rented at about $150/mth. As per the above, it too could be upgraded if desired, to improve rental income or to better accommodate a permanent caretaker/worker or similar.

In closing I would like to make it clear that for the right kind of (eco-tourism-potential-minded) buyer, there exists a perfectly symbiotic and mutually enhanced business opportunity herein, were these two properties to be purchased together. In which case, the lower "quinta" property would serve as a hiking and horse-trail "home-base" for running tours and retreats to the top "finca" property (a gorgeous retreat-space experience in its own right - see the listing for  more details).

Anyone interested in understanding more about how this would work should just get in touch with me for a chat. But to say it is very much an untapped eco-tourism opportunity for a person with this kind of interest or passion ... is something of an understatement. And given where I envision the future going for this kind of thing in Vilcabamba ... one definitely worth thinking about.

If you have questions, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

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