InstaCasa Ecuador - Mailout Number 5 - 21st November 2020.

Vilcabamba - Buyers' Market to become Sellers' Market - By Mid 2021.

A Summary by Nick Vasey, of InstaCasa Real Estate.

The purpose of this brief communique is to introduce the reader to real-estate, construction, downshifting, investment, and retirement possibilities in the Vilcabamba region of Ecuador ... in the current context of what is happening right now, in real-time.

For a variety of reasons (available in previous mailouts here) ... Ecuador has for some time now, been a "buyers' market."

But with increasing uncertainty in North America, particularly the US (Covid, Elections, Societal Polarisation, etc), we at InstaCasa (Real-Estate, Construction, and Modular-Homes) ... see that real-estate market shifting in favour of vendors by probably around mid 2021.

Once the outcome of the US election is legally determined, and we see who is inaugurated come 20th January 2021 ... for ideological and/or financial reasons, a significant number of folks currently Stateside will be actioning a "Plan B" style escape from the US.

Based on the increased "chatter" I am currently receiving by way of emails and instant messages ... there is a significantly renewed interest in Ecuador as a "safe-haven location" ... for many folks currently at their wit's end in the US (and perhaps elsewhere globally).

Ecuador has the USD as its currency, has opened its borders post-Covid, has reduced some of the financial requirements for what are commonly called "retirement visas" ... and once again seems well positioned to provide enormous value for those looking to perhaps "park" some funds in meaningful assets ... as well as stretch their downshifting or retirement dollars further ... as well as being safely outside US borders in the event of increased instability and perhaps police-state-style restrictions (travel, vaccination, etc).

As the volume of buyers increases, the supply and demand balance will inevitably tilt the playing field in favour of property vendors. There is probably about a six month window or thereabouts ... to be somewhat ahead of that curve.

If you are interested in potentially relocating to Ecuador, and perhaps to Vilcabamba, please feel free to get in touch with us at InstaCasa ... and ask any general questions you may have ... we have been doing this a long time now .... there isn't much we don't know about the transition overall. Meanwhile, feel free to review our available sale-properties ... they are listed in easily accessible price brackets by way of the menu at top of page. 🙂 

Now in its 12th year of licensed operation, InstaCasa Real Estate (formerly the Vilcabamba Real-Estate Company) is by far the longest continuously licensed realtor in the region. Its bilingual founders/principals, Nick Vasey and Santiago Rodriguez are still working hand-in-glove to provide the best and most professional end-to-end real-estate and consulting service possible for our clients ... as evidenced by our many written Testimonials and Google Reviews (34 - all 5 Star).

So if you (or perhaps someone you know) could benefit from this update ... feel free to share the information and/or get in touch with us here at InstaCasa. We will respond to your query quickly ... and do what we can to help with your decision-making process.

Best wishes to all ... have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving and Christmas season ... and may we all enter 2021 with renewed hope and positivity. 2020 has been quite the year ... and it ain't over yet! 😉