Property P0037 - $375,000
San Pedro / Vilcabamba
14 Ha (35 acre) Mountain Property.
Immaculate 2 bed 1 bath Home
Private. Secure. Extraordinary Views
(Photos & Video below)

If you have questions, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

Nestled high above the river which runs through the San Pedro valley below, is one truly remarkable 14 hectare property, replete with a gorgeous, perfectly-maintained, turnkey, two-bedroom one-bathroom home.

Having been in the Vilcabamba real-estate game here for 14 years now, I should preface this property description by saying that these days it is only very rarely that such a unique, large, beautiful, accessible, and versatile property such as this ... comes to market.

What I can also tell you, is that this is a VERY reluctant sale. I have known the vendor a long time. For personal and professional reasons, he is simply unable to spend as much time as he wishes to here in Vilcabamba ... and has finally chosen to sell, rather than continue to maintain the property from afar.

With things tracking the way they currently are in this world (for anyone paying attention!) ... this kind of retreat location has in abundance everything one might desire. Security. Privacy. Tranquility. Beauty. Practicality. Sustainability. Good internet.

It is about 10 minutes drive from the nearby township of San Pedro, and a further 5 minutes to Vilcabamba. In short, it is is close enough to everything one might need, whilst being sufficiently removed ... to be able to maintain and enjoy one's privacy, etc. Once you are on this property ... you are very much a world away ... from everything else.

The terrain in this part of the valley is renowned for being incredibly fertile ... and combined with the year-round perfect climate, is suited to growing a wide range of consumable fruit and vegetables.

The property has an irrigation canal running through it, and is more or less equally split in terms of area, both above and below that canal (about 7ha above & 7ha below). In addition to the potable water and the irrigation canal, there is also a spring water-source on the property, which has not as yet needed to be exploited. But it is there ... if ever desired/required.

The house is itself a special story. It is an original "tapia" (rammed-earth) home. Using top-quality materials and techniques, the owner meticulously restored and resurfaced this original rustic construction ... to its current beautiful condition. The workmanship is excellent. The owner is something of a perfectionist. Accordingly, he took his time, supervised the restoration himself, and made sure things were done right. In short, no corners were cut, and as any visitor can see, the end result speaks for itself. It is not only aesthetically beautiful ... it is eminently practical. Not that there is much temperature variation here year-round, but this style of home is warm when it's cool, and cool when it's warm ... bottom line ... it is a super-comfortable place to spend time and enjoy life.

It's really up to the new owner as to which direction they take this property. Right now however, it is a turnkey property, ready for the new owner to take up residence. Ohh, did I mention all the furniture in the house is included?

I should add that the vendor is more than happy to speak with the new owners and add his expertise, guidance and local knowledge for any questions they may have. He truly wants this property to go into the hands of people who will understand it, appreciate what they have, and make the most of it moving forward. There are also a couple of very friendly and knowledgeable neighbours who have helped him maintain this property from afar ... should the new owners need some hands-on orientation or advice.

In closing, this really is a property which it is impossible to do justice to online. It really needs to be seen in person ... to be properly appreciated.

If you have questions, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

Photo Slideshow - External

  • View towards Vilcabamba from the front lawn.

Photo Slideshow - Internal

  • Bathroom.

Check out the 2 minute Video-Tour below!

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