Property P0033
One hectare (2.5 acres) - $159,000
"The End of the World Property"
Riverside - San Torum
12 km from Vilcabamba centre

It's no secret to anyone really paying attention at the moment (especially those already interested in Vilcabamba), that for a variety of reasons, things are looking increasingly dicey/unattractive/worrying in much of the so-called "first world." There are many reasons this is the case (financial, bio-medical, governmental, etc) ... the phrase "perfect storm" springs to mind.

So if you are perhaps looking for a reasonably-priced and spectacularly-equipped Plan B "bolthole" kind of sustainable agricultural property/sanctuary .... to ride out some of those challenging times ... it's pretty hard to go past this one.

Location: San Torum - about 12km (12 minutes drive) from Vilcabamba on a paved road.
Size: about a hectare (10,000m2 or 2.5 acres) of mostly flat land, with old growth trees, and some fruit trees (including giant avocado trees) to boot.


1. Security - a 6 metre locked metal gate up top, where the property meets the asphalt,
2. Access - a fully cemented, well-drained, and scored (for traction) driveway down from the asphalt ... to the flat riverside section of the property,
3. Durability - a heavy-duty cement and rebar hillside retention wall combined with well built drainage protecting the cement driveway,
4. Water - a functional agricultural irrigation canal which passes centrally through the property,
5. Water - a functional, locked, 7-metre-deep professionally constructed well, of interlocking 1m diameter concrete well-sections,
6. Water - a potable water connection from the local "junta de agua" (water association),
7. Water - the property is also riverside (no shortage of water on this property!),
8. Power - a connection to EERSSA (electricity), with its own private 15KVA transformer on-site,
9. Accomm - a basic, currently disused, 80m2 house (could be promptly renovated, reconnected, and made ready for initial habitation),
10. Accomm - a locked 120m2 modern high-ceilinged metal-framed structure on a 1 meter raised concrete pad, with brushed aluminium polyurethane-insulated modular pane walls and galvanised metal-plate roof.
11. Context - agriculture-oriented neighbours.

This property was originally earmarked for a water-bottling project (yes the well-water has been tested, and really is that good!). The 80m2 house was to have been used as admin/office space, and the 120m2 facility would have comprised the water-bottling-plant, and was custom-built to that specification. The heavy-duty cement road access was built to serve trucks hauling containers in and out, so it will be there for the long-term. Eventually, the negative effects of the pandemic (supply chain, cost of transport, Chinese equipment importation, importing and exporting generally, uncertain governmental and economic outlook, etc) and unquantifiable delays & difficulties ... eventually derailed the project, and the US-based owner is now looking to sell the property as is.

Our comment
Although this property may no longer be viable for the specific water-bottling-project originally desired by the owner, it is absolutely a viable and valuable property for private sustainability and general living purposes. The opportunity also remains for the new owner to choose to bottle water from the well on this property, whether for business or barter purposes. Generally speaking, the hard work and infrastructure which has already been built into this property make for an almost seamless adaptation into the kind of self-sustaining bug-out location increasingly desired by our clients in the current market. In short, this property really has everything. Water in abundance from FOUR sources. Power and a private transformer. The property is big enough to provide ample food for multiple families. But also small enough to be relatively easily manageable. It can essentially be turned into a sustainability oasis. And it is situated not too far from Vilcabamba via an asphalt road, for any other supplies or interactions which may be necessary. We expect it will sell fast.

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  • 6m metal gate at top, where property meets the asphalt.

The Well Goes In - Check Video Below!