Property P0039 - Yangana Ridge - $237,000
27 Hectares (approx 67 acres) 
A simply unbelievable mountain hideaway
Gorgeous - Sustainable - Private - Turnkey

(Check the awesome video & photo-slideshows below)

If you have questions, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

Sitting at 2,000m (6,500 feet) altitude ... (about 500m or 1,500 feet higher than the Vilcabamba township), this property of nearly 27 hectares includes both sides of the head of a small valley, and is essentially best described as a huge "bowl." Tucked into one side of this bowl is the incredible mountain retreat this property calls a home! Froim Vilcabamba, it is about 17km on the Pan-American highway to arrive at main gate, and then another 2kms on an easy mountain track to get to the house itself. It is an easy and beautiful 30 minute trip from Vilcabamba to the house itself. The property sits on the ridge-line between the Quinara and Yangana valleys ... with sweeping vistas over Yangana.

There are no other houses to be seen and no neighbors' barking dogs or crowing roosters can be heard.  The neighbors themselves are very friendly, and all live outside the "bowl" so to speak, so the place feels very secluded, remote, and wild ... although as noted above it is only an easy five minute drive to the Pan American Highway, the best road in the area, which allows quick access to shopping in Vilcabamba, and further journeying to Loja, etc.

The house has two floors and is "staged" back into the hillside so the upstairs looks like a small house at ground level ... but has that incredibly large balcony with the sweeping views. You could literally put 60 people on this balcony comfortably for any events one might care to hold.

There are two bedrooms, the master upstairs and another downstairs. A large living-room sits off the main entry downstairs, and has a big cosy fireplace room which is at the back. Everything has been designed to take advantage of the amazing views this place affords.

There are four toilets in total, one upstairs and three downstairs. Of the downstairs toilets two are flush toilets and one is a dry composting toilet. There is a washroom with large shower, a kitchen with pantry, and also an outside kitchen.  Additionally, there is a large storage-room/safe-room with a steel backed door and steel door frame, complete with heavy duty lock & latch on the inside.

The house is built to the highest standards ... the concrete and steel columns go two meters under the floor and are connected to very large and heavy one meter square footings.  The downstairs is built like a concrete bunker, with solid concrete walls in back and double thickness walls in front in order to hide the columns.  In some houses you can see columns in the middle of the larger rooms, or in the side walls, but that's not the case here. The columns are on the outside surface of the walls so are unseen, and the cement ceiling has very high strength steel reinforced concrete beams in order to avoid the necessity for columns ruining the spaciousness in the middle of the large living room.

Pure natural water is abundant and never-ending on this property. There is a spring utilised year-round, and there is also a rainwater catchment system on the upstairs roof. Additionally, there is  large cement water storage tank and a couple of big plastic tanks situated sufficiently above the house, so as to provide good water pressure.  The water here comes from ridge top springs on this property and has been tested to show it is the purest water in the world at only 28 PPM dissolved solids.  The water here is so pure ... and as you might imagine, it is delicious!

The property includes a mountain-top with outstanding 360 degree views of endless mountain ranges and some great sunsets. There are several flat spots in a variety of places around the property that would make excellent building sites for guest houses or community living.  One of the upper flat spots also has incredible sweeping views, just as the main home does  These flat spots and mountain-top areas all have easy road access.  There is electrical power with a ten kilowatt transformer, 110 and 220 volt electricity, and the power supply cable is buried underground so that there are no unsightly electrical cables interfering with the natural ambience.

The valley is shielded from cellphone radiation so there is no cellphone service at the house, but the property is connected to the internet by the usual methods here ... radio-tower communication of the internet signal back to the base station in Vilcabamba. As of the last few years, fiber-optic-cable has also been available, and could easily be brought in from the nearest point on the highway via poles ... should the new owner desire it.

The landscape has to be seen in person to be believed. We have done our best to get awesome photos, and hope to supplement this with an appropriately spectacular video-shoot very shortly. This landscape has character in abundance, with cliffs and ridges visible, along with the largest estoraque “land pillar” in the province, which gives the place an  especially powerful energy!

The Vendor has been reliably informed there are three ley lines that cross at this location. This is very rare, and makes this special place a location of great power.  Many visitors remark on the amazing cleanness and sparkle of the energy and the peacefulness and power they feel here.  It is truly a special place for the right people who appreciate this kind of magic.

There is a vegetable garden next to the house, plus an orchard.  There are many citrus trees, giant sour lemons, sweet lemons, sweet oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit.  Other trees are avocado, mango, tropical cherry, nispero, apple, mulberry, and four green tea trees.  There are thimble berries, blackberries, and Inca berries that grow wild here.

There is also a beehive with bees that make organic medicinal honey.

If you have questions, or would like to organise a visit/tour, please just get in touch.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the photo-slideshows below. The first one consists of external shots around the property, and the second comprises photos of the home's interior.


Mature Fruit Trees, Plants, etc

As noted in the video, there is an ABUNDANCE of mature fruit trees and plants, medicinal and otherwise ... on this incredible property. Essentially (and as with everything else here) ... all the hard work has been done.

Trees: Bananas, mulberry, fig, green apple, grenadillas, zapote, sweet lemons, giant sour lemons, tangerines, sweet oranges, grapefruit, avocado, mango, nispero, guava, guayaba, green tea (4 varieties) tree tomatoes, coffee & papaya.

Plants: Elderberry, thimbleberry, lemon grass, lemon verbinum, mint, spinach, wild kale, dandelion, turmeric, gooseberry, pomegranate, broccoli, quinoa, parsley, & nettles.

Slideshow Below - External Pics

  • Taking a birds-eye view of the home on approach from above.

Slideshow Below - Internal Pics

  • The Vendor used to build fireplaces professionally ... this is probably the best drafting and built fireplace in Ecuador.