P-0016 - Vilcabamba (Yamburara Alto) - $59,000 - Super-cute two-storey (2 bed 1 bath) adobe 80m2 home, with all the sounds & wonder of riverside living, on a 300m2 rural lot, 10 minutes drive from downtown Vilcabamba.

This gorgeous (and gorgeously situated!) little adobe home would be PERFECT for any one person (or couple) who is looking for an economically-priced downshifting opportunity to immediately integrate into the laid-back Vilcabamba lifestyle. I myself lived in this home for a YEAR when I first came to Vilcabamba back in 2008, and I must say it is about the perfect distance to be out of downtown Vilca (and nestled, riverside, into the foothills of the Podocarpus National Park) … whilst still retaining easy access by vehicle to the necessities of Vilcabamba itself. For anyone who enjoys relaxing with the sound of the river nearby, or who enjoys horse-tours passing by, or simply revels in the feeling of being surrounded by raw nature … this low-maintenance little paradise is definitely a place to put on your list of “potentials.”

If you’d like to view it, please get in touch!

  • View of the home from garden at rear.