P-0013 - San Jose, Vilcabamba - $60,000 - Two adjacent lots to be sold as one lot - 500m2  & 650m2 -  - Take advantage - lots this size rare these days as the new legal minimum size for lots in rural areas is now 2,500m2.

These two lots are situated in San Jose, the most popular ex-pat region (barrio) of Vilcabamba.

These lots are kind of an endangered species, because it is now law that all lots zoned in a rural area be of a minimum size of 2,500m2.

These lots already have clear title from before that time however, so can be sold as per the existing titles, and an existing water right comes with the deal.

So, if you just want a San Jose lot large enough for a house and gardens, you don’t need to pay for more than you need!

Both of these lots have marvellous views to Mandango, the sacred mountain (as per the cover photo).

If you’d like to view them with us, please get in touch!