PROPERTY #0008 - Central Vilcabamba
Two-Storey Income Generator - $190,000

This two-storey home/apartments (with work/business space also) is new, modern, clean, functional, and secure. Currently 300m2 of construction (expandable on the roof to 450), built on a 320m2 lot. It is hard to imagine a more ideal property for someone who wants to be able to generate income from the get-go here in Vilcabamba. Whether or not you live in the property itself (or somewhere else), will determine whether you receive up to five rental incomes, or merely four. 90% completed, this property is four blocks walk from the central square of Vilcabamba, and will therefore always be popular with transients, extended-stay tourists, as well as for those who are perhaps building their own home somewhere, or simply taking their time looking for the property of their dreams. The building consists of five functional living/working spaces. Estimated full occupancy rental income for all five would be about $1,200/month (3 X $300 and 2 X $150), which is about a 8% ROI. If you are interested, please just get in touch, and let us know when you’ll be able to view the property.

  • Clean, modern, new, functional, secure construction.