Property P0032 - 5.5 hectares (13.5 acres) - $99,000
Sacapo - San Pedro Valley - about 9 km from Vilcabamba centre

If you want to own a section of mountainside with built in privacy wherever one chooses to build one's residence ... this might just be your kind of project - feel free to ask us for ideas. Once ensconced up here, you are very much in your own private "cloud-forest" kind of sanctuary.

Situated at about 1,750 metres altitude (about 250 metres higher than Vilca town centre), the property has a fantastic scenic aspect looking back along the San Pedro valley. This property would probably be more suited to folks who are not looking to always be in and around Vilcabamba town itself, but rather, perhaps visiting just a couple of times a week for supplies and socialising.

After a "slow-burn" kind of start, the San Pedro valley, abutting Vilcabamba, has in recent years really come into its own ... and has become attractive for an increasing number of expats (as well as locals from Loja).

At this altitude and location the micro-climate is a little different, and suits folks who like things just a bit cooler, wetter and more misty ... than the more intense and consistent heat at the valley floor & Vilcabamba level.

If this looks like something you'd like to see for yourself, just get in touch to organise a tour.

  • Looking directly at the mountainside which comprises most of the property.