Property P0031 - 1.7 hectares - Vilcabamba - $95,000
(Approx 4km from Vilcabamba centre)

A very interesting, very scenic, and well-situated property … only about 4 kms from Vilcabamba centre (and not far from the famous Madre Tierra resort).

This 17,000m2 (about 4.25 acres) is split by the (scored-cement) access road, with approximately 14,500m2 on one side, with the remaining 2,500m2 on the other.

This is a mountain-sloped property, with easy flat areas for building adjacent to the access road … but as can be seen, it also has spectacular raised ridge sections (incorporating the beautiful San Pedro cactus forest) which afford incredible views back along the Vilcabamba valley. It would be up to the new owner where they preferred to build the dream home. InstaCasa C&D can certainly advise, as regards that process.

Power and water are both accessible for this property … and access is good.

If you would like to view it, just get in touch with us to schedule a tour.

  • Looking up over the property from the corner of the access road and the Chaupi main road.