Just a quick general real-estate update for anyone interested in such things (and you should be!). ๐Ÿ˜Ž

ACBIR (Loja Province), are the regulating organisation recognising actual licensed professional realtors. Anyway ... they have once again overhauled their membership-rolls for the province of Loja. If your realtor is not listed here, they are not licensed.

The five images in the slideshow below represent those realtors in Loja province who are currently active licensed members of that governing organisation. You can pause the slideshow (by hovering the cursor over it) to inspect names in more detail.

It seems only TWO Vilcabamba realtors are currently registered/licensed (the InstaCasa license - Santiago - 089 ... can be seen in the first slide).

InstaCasa (formerly Vilcabamba Real Estate Company) is now heading into its 14th consecutive year of licensed membership.


To put it bluntly, if your realtor cannot show you a current Ecuadorian real-estate license, you are literally playing with fire. Please also note that the real-estate license itself is actually normal credit-card size, which means it should be carried by a realtor at all times. I have blown up the license here for legibility purposes. Other requisite qualifications and certificates areย  "normal" certificate size, and should be framed and displayed in the realtor's place of business, as you will see in our Vilcabamba office.

Keeping up to date in all aspects of real-estate here in Ecuador is essential, as the applicable laws can change radically and frequently. By attending these courses and seminars when they arise, Santiago and InstaCasa Real Estate are always abreast of the latest in real-estate law here in Ecuador. Additionally, via the Loja Realtors' Association, Santiago is forever expanding his network of useful licensed agents who often refer us good Vilcabamba properties which they themselves cannot represent.

Please be warned, there are a multitude of opportunists, scammers, and amateur middlemen here in Vilcabamba, who will try to con you along into their game, but none of them have the demonstrable professionalism, ethics and track record which we at InstaCasa Real Estate have made our hallmark. Feel free to peruse the many glowing testimonials and Google Business Reviews (34, all 5-Star) ... from our previous clients ... over more than a decade of successful operation.

If in doubt about anything, just pop in for a chat and ask! As they say in the classics, Caveat Emptor! ๐Ÿ˜‰