PROPERTY #0006 - 4.2 Hectares Riverfront - Unique Opportunity - $295,000

Welcome to one of the most unique and interesting property opportunities I've seen, in over a decade of doing real-estate in the Vilcabamba region.

How would you feel about moving into a stunning 4.2 hectare (10.4 acre) absolute riverfront property where nearly ALL the hard work's been done for you?

Which is only ten kilometres from Vilcabamba on an asphalt road.

Which right now is a turnkey property - with power and potable water already in place.

Which has an abundance of possible water sources (all of them actually!) - existing potable connection - river - rainfall catchment - canal - and potential well (if one is desired).

Of which ALL the property is either flat or gently sloping and therefore all useable (almost unheard of here in Vilcabamba for a property of this size).

Which has had ZERO use of chemicals.

Where there is a functioning 3 bedroom home which would only need basic upgrading to be at least serviceable.

Where there are additional outbuildings in which a caretaker could stay/work/sleep?

Where there is PLENTY of space for a variety of animals to free-range within enclosures?

Where there is plenty of space to grow organic vegetables?

Where there is a free-flowing irrigation canal that runs along the top edge of the property which fills up a newly constructed below-ground 80,000 litre concrete water reservoir - for gravity feeding irrigation purposes for the ENTIRE property.

Where you could easily drill/dig a well (if you wanted to) for unlimited additional drinking water.

Where there is a significant section of eucalyptus-lined absolute riverfront.

And where there is an additional two-storey 280m2 home under construction, that is about 60% completed - which will then become the main home, at which point the original home will probably become a guest-house or rental.

Interested? You should be.

Due to an unforeseen professional opportunity, our Vendor has had to unexpectedly change course on his Vilcabamba dream of developing a truly sustainable organic farming property.

Which means that some fortunate individual, family or group now has the opportunity to move in and reap the benefits of all his amazing and considerable hard-work.

All that is left to do on this property is to complete the main home in a style agreeable to you, and then decide how you want to continue to develop the farm, in terms of what you want to grow, and where.

Given the demand recently in Vilcabamba for these types of properties, any observer of the region would know there has been a dearth of properties like this for some time now (especially at this proximity to Vilcabamba).

Which makes this property TRULY one-of-a-kind at the moment on the Vilcabamba property-market.

So if you have ever had even the REMOTEST interest in owning a property like this, which is one hundred percent useable for any and all forms of sustainable living and farming, you owe it to yourself to check this opportunity out.

I look forward to hearing from you.