P-0024 - Four stunning, large lots in a beautifully designed project in Mollepamba, Vilcabamba - ranging in size from just under a hectare (10,000m2), to 1.6 hectares (16,000m2) - priced from $88,000 to $140,000.

A stunning property located in Mollepamba, a neighborhood unique in being home to the Saragurans in Vilcabamba, a warm and hard-working indigenous community often seen selling their agricultural products at the open markets in town. Mollepamba is also a peaceful and quiet area of farm country, rolling hills, pastoral fields and beautiful vistas - all within an easy 10-minute commute from town.

The development is a 6-hectare piece of land, divided into four unique lots designed for optimal privacy between each one. Entering the subdivision from the Mollepamba road from town, there is a new 7-meter, 15° road winding through the property, with offshoots to each lot. Direct potable water connections have been installed and agricultural water may also become available within the year. Electric connections have been run to the corner of each property, and placed underground, with cable suited to accommodate a transformer of any size, should it be needed. Additionally, the groundwork has been laid for near-future fiber-optic internet connection. In effect, you’re ready to build with the preliminaries already taken care of! Having said that, the vendors are also more than happy to assist newcomers with all possible help/knowledge ... in terms of manifesting a dream home herein.

Please find a description and photos below of each lot. If you'd like to view them, please get in touch!

Lot 1 - 1.2 hectares - $98,000 - This lot possesses so much character and beauty, not the least of which is its view of Mandango and the outlining jaw-dropping sunsets. Most specific to this lot is the sizable bodega (storage unit) of 35m2, with many potential uses. This lot is nestled among many Faique and Chirimoya trees, and also has several mature fruit trees.

Lot 2 - $96,000 - 8,500m2 - What makes this lot so special is its location. Tucked away in the corner of the property, in a garden of Faique and Chirimoya trees, this property is 100% flat with many construction site options.

Lot 3 - 1.67 hectares - $140,000 - This is the largest lot, located in the center of the property, with an unobstructed view of Mandango. This lot has a vast open field with several areas of mature trees for shade and plenty of pasture for animals.

Lot 4 - 9,000m2 - $88,000 - The vendors like to describe this lot as a "two in one." Private and perched high, in a corner of its own overlooking the field, this piece has open fields and lovely wooded areas. Easy to imagine two structures on this property with plenty of room in between!