P-0018 - Vilcabamba - Hacienda San Joaquin - 1 hectare (2.5 acre) - $279,000 - This stunning riverside property has to be seen to be believed. Selling for a price below cost, this two-home property has unbelievable gardens, an 40m2 dojo, over 40 species of producing fruit-trees (over 150 trees planted!), meditation-ponds, a yoga-gazebo, storage-shed, walking/exercise trails, and a comprehensive feeling of privacy/security.

As mentioned in the property blurb, this property is on sale for a price below that which has been invested in it. So, the people/family whom it suits, will be getting a real bargain. First come, first served!

Comprising two homes (60m2 and 91m2), a covered training-dojo (40m2), a storage-area/bodega (25m2), a garden-yoga-gazebo (15m2), and outstandingly landscaped garden areas throughout, this property abuts the beautiful Vilcabamba river, and is a veritable Zen-like sanctuary-space.

The current owners are great people, and have put an INCREDIBLE amount of love and care into creating this gorgeous space, a fact which will be evident to anyone who visits with us to inspect the property.

Main House: is a one bedroom home of 60m2 (650 sq ft). This house has its own private landscaped garden area at rear, replete with its own meditation pond (see photos).

Second House/Spa: is 91m2 (nearly 1,000 sq ft) and currently used more or less as a mini-spa, comprising large double-bath/ice-bath/magnesium-bath, infra-red sauna etc ... all this state of the art equipment is included in the sale price.

Main Entry Gate: is high-quality, huge, beautiful, and fully automated (remote-controlled) from the house.

Dojo: is a large, covered, soft-floored training space ideal for yoga, weight-training, martial-arts, or whatever takes your fancy.

Yoga-Gazebo: is a high-quality 20m2 wooden structure ... gorgeous yoga/meditation sala/pavilion. Or use as an outdoor office if you like! Has fiber-optics internet like the rest of the property. Lights, music system, etc. It is abutted by a beautiful cultivated fire-pit garden area.

Storage-shed/Workers-Bodega: 25m2 shed half of which is a lockable secure-room for tools, supplies etc. The remainder is a porch area where workers can chill in a hammock or use as a prep-area for a variety of tasks.

General: The rest of the property is a stunning assortment of bamboo-forests, ponds, walking paths, and as mentioned earlier, a HUGE assortment of mature producing fruit-trees, of not just the normal array of Vilcabamba species, but also all manner of imported and uncommon varieties, many brought from the jungle. More than 150 trees, of over 40 species are spread throughout this property ... see what is probably a partial list below.

Trees/Plants List: Apple. mango (various species), walnut, jackfruit, avocado (various species), orange, lemon, sweet-lemon, Malay-apple, coconut, papaya, neem, cacao, flame-tree, bodhi-tree, Siam-cherry, macadamia, cherimoya, pineapple, turmeric, moringa, onion, ginger, four different types of bananas, dragon-fruit cactus (pitihaya), abundant aloe-vera, wild-raspberry, curry-tree, miracle-berry, Suriname-cherry, mulberry, limes, rollinia, mandarins, medicinal herbal garden, galangal, lucuma, ayahuasca vine, san-pedro cactus, agave, sacha-inchi vine, acacia yellow-flowering tree, African tulip tree, sun-opener-bush, oleander, papyrus, an array of orchids, etc ... the list goes on!

If you have any questions about the property, or wish to view it, please just get in touch!



  • Automated entrance gate to the property (from outside).